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A letter to the Federation

“This past weekend we held the very first Sir Walter Raleigh Festival of Music in North Carolina, USA.

It was vital for me to put forth a jury representative for the Federation’s high standards. Allison Walker-Morecroft was an outstanding ambassador of the Federation. She offered encouraging, constructive comments to all of our participants, and guided the other members of the jury through the Federation system of marks and principle. Her verbal remarkers are engaging and informative – the audience were hanging on her every word!

We have decided to include one Federation adjudicator from Great Britain or Ireland in all of our future festivals, and Allison has set the bar very high for those who will succeed her. The represents the very best of what the the British and international Federation of Festivals has to offer, and her guidance proved invaluable to the participants, adjudicators, and most of all, to me.

Dr. Milton Laufer
Executive Director, Sir Walter Raleigh Festival of Music

“Allison has adjudicated at Portadown Festial on a number of occasions, with great expertise over a very wide range of classes.

Constructive and encouraging in all her comments, and extremely easy to work with – which is absolutely vital over a nine-day festival like ours.”

Caroline McCabe – Secretary, Portadown Festival, Northern Ireland

“Thank you so very much for coming to adjudicate the Harrogate Festival singing classes for us last weekend.

You did a really splendid job and seemed to really take great pleasure in what you did. The standard was high and you obviously had to keep good concentration under the circumstances. You were the perfect Chairman for the final concert and no-one could have done it better – all positive and encouraging!”

Linda Wilson – Secretary, Harrogate Festival

Allison adjudicating in Colombo, Sri Lanka

I am writing as an adjudicator for the Sir Walter Raleigh Festival of Music that took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, this past weekend from October 2 to October 4.

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Milton Laufer, who organised the Festival, and with Mrs Alison Walker-Morecroft and Dr. Koji Attwood, my fellow adjudicators. This was my first experience serving on the jury of a British and International Federation of Festivals, and I was highly impressed with the quality of the players, the level of organisation of the event and the expertise of the other adjudicators.

I was especially delighted to work with Mrs. Walker-Morecroft. A beautiful personality and wise from her experiences, she made the festival special by her presence. Her address to the students and public before the awards presentations were brilliant. I have rarely witnessed such eloquence in a speaker. Students, parents and teachers alike came away feeling challenged by her insightful comments. I noticed that she made the greatest effort to reach out to and encourage, the less gifted performers who may have missed the mark in some ways. Her concern for these students is an extremely rare trait, and shows her to be a person of great character. An additional bonus was her fantastic sense of humour, which enabled us jurors to work well together.

My own experiences with festivals and competitions as a child were not positive, for they were extremely impersonal and focussed solely on winning. It is evident that the Federation of Festivals has other, more important, goals to achieve, and I hope there will continue to be many opportunities for the next generation of musicians to learn and grow at all levels.

Dr. Joel Hastings

Young Singers in Sri Lanka

“Allison Walker-Morecroft is a very experienced adjudicator with a wealth of information. Her adjudications, both verbal and written, are fair and encouraging.

She is a true festival supporter – considerate of performers and organisers alike. She has visited Hereford Festival on 3 occasions and we have always been pleased to welcome her.”

Carol Thompson – Secretary of Hereford Festival

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